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Privacy policy

Privacy Policy regulates the processing of personal data provided by any individual (hereinafter, the User or Users through the website (hereinafter, the Website) ownership of Wegow Technologies S.L with address in Bilbao, Spain, C/ Nervión 3, 6º, 48001, Bilbao, España; Provista de C.I.F.B86767761,registered in the Mercantile Register of Madrid, Volume 31305, folio 81, sheet number M563489, (Hereafter 'WEGOW').

In case you wish to register on the Website and / or create your profile should read this Privacy Policy and give consent for the processing of your data through the box that appears in the registration form and / or in the section create a profile. Also, this Privacy Policy will be applicable to personal data that Users communicate through the contact form included in the Website and any other section that allows insertion and communication of personal data.

Users and Profiles

To be able to enjoy the services of WEGOW it is necessary that Users register a completed registration form.

The information provided through this form will be available and may be modified by Users through their user account and your profile.

The User will be fully responsible and must enter real and true data in your user account and in your profile, WEGOW will try to verify the veracity of the data, reserving, without prejudice to others actions, the right not to register or to terminate a User if the information you have provided is false or incomplete, the obligation to have a real profile is essential on WEGOW.

When Users register with WEGOW, they may publish and share content and real personal information. Personal information will be shared with the privacy conditions that the User chooses and under your exclusive control.

It is the responsibility of the User, at all times, to control their information. WEGOW does not control and, therefore, does not assume any responsibility in the possible collection and processing of user information by others Users or by third parties.

Minimum age to register

The services provided by WEGOW through the Website have not designed for Users under the age of 16. When making use of the services, the Users manifest and guarantee that they have at least 16Years, therefore, no child under 16 can provide their personal data.

Users between 16 and 18 years old, should inform their parents or legal guardians about the use of the Website and the services they intend carry out as well as when transmitting information to third parties with those who have contacted through the service, if WEGOW is informed that a minor is registered as a User in WEGOW without their parents consent, will adopt the necessary measures and may eliminate or block the User account.

In case the User provides WEGOW at any time personal data of third parties with whom you maintain any relation, the User guarantees that he is entitled to legitimately facilitate the referred data and that has proceeded to inform and obtain the consent of those third parties for the communication of their data, answering if it is not like that. Notwithstanding the foregoing, WEGOW will put all its efforts in acting properly in relation to the processing of said third parties.

The WEGOW team will be able to get in touch with the Users, at any time, to show their real age by sending a photocopy of their DNI or equivalent document If the User does not provide this information in the header or by email which should be sent ).

This request must be accompanied by the following information: Name and surnames of the User, address for the purposes of notifications and a photocopy of the national identity document or passport representation, this must be proved by a reliable document.

WEGOW informs that it has implemented security measures of a technical and organisational nature necessary to avoid alteration, loss, treatment and / or unauthorized access, taking into account the state of the technology, the nature of the stored data and the risks to those who are exposed, whether from human action or the physical environment or natural.

Data preservation

Personal data provided to WEGOW will be retained by the legal time that is necessary in order to guarantee the compliance with legal obligations that correspond to WEGOW.

Providing data to third parties

Some of the services accessible through the Website may depend on and / or interact with other websites, platforms and services that belong and / or are managed by third parties for what is possible that Users must register on said third-party platforms and provide certain information in order to access the processing services that said third parties make of the personal information that Users provide them will be governed by the provisions of the privacy policy of said third parties, WEGOW does not assume any responsibility for the processing of personal data of the Users that said third parties perform.

If the Users authorize it, WEGOW will be able to access their musical tastes manifested through the Facebook, Spotify, and Itunes platforms. WEGOW will process the data that appears on these platforms only to personalise the services provided to the User and not communicate them to any third party.

International data transfers

WEGOW does not transfer data outside the European Economic Area. If they are transferred outside the European Economic Area, WEGOW will adopt the necessary legal measures.

Security measures

WEGOW informs the User that it has implemented the measures of technical and organizational security necessary to guarantee the security of your personal data and avoid its alteration, loss, treatment and / or unauthorized access, given the state of the technology, the nature of the stored data and the risks to which they are exposed, whether from human action or from the physical or natural environment.

Contents and personal information

In addition to personal data, Users may share through the Website comments, opinions, images and other information that will be subject to the General Conditions.

WEGOW does not control the information that Users share with other Users and / or with third parties and therefore is not responsible for that information, however, if a User is aware that there is information or content on the Website that may be undue and be contrary to this Privacy Policy and the General Conditions from WEGOW you should contact WEGOW by sending an email to


WEGOW Usuários poderão convidar amigos para participarWEGOW: Para enviar os convites, os usuários devem fornecer oendereço de email dos seus contatos. Usuário declara, sobtoda a sua responsabilidade que conhece o destinatário do convite e quevocê tem o seu consentimento para o uso de seus dados para enviaro convite.

WEGOW não usará os dados incluídos no convite eespecialmente da conta de e-mail do destinatário que será usadaexclusivamente para enviar o convite, o WEGOW não executaráarmazenamento ou qualquer outro tratamento desse endereço de e-maileletrônico.

Os usuários devem fazer uso adequado do sistemaconvites de acordo com as disposições das Condições Gerais.

Desça na WEGOW

Os usuários que desejam cancelar a inscrição no WEGOW só precisamenviar um email (do email com o qual eles têm uma conta emWEGOW) para expressando suaintenção de reduzir sua conta.

Para qualquer dúvida que os usuários tenham sobre o tratamentoque o WEGOW faz com que seus dados pessoais possam entrar em contato com o WEGOW enviandoum email para .